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8 Botolph Alley

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Paesan is the one a bit like Polpo on Exmouth Market where they do Italian peasant food, hence the name, and while everything looks lovely and [...]
Cakes, tarts, pastries, sticky desserts, they’re all bad for you. Don’t eat them. Don’t buy insanely expensive chocolate brownies. Go to Tesco instead and have a [...]
The key points about the new Patty & Bun on Liverpool Street are: They haven’t scrimped on staff. Ten cooks on lunchtime service meant no waiting [...]
Lyle’s stays open as a cafe between lunch and dinner but no one in Shoreditch seemed aware of this fact. They serve a quality latte which [...]
Ampersands are great for restaurant names. If it represents a partnership then it’s two against the world instead of Billy No Mates, or if describing a [...]
So they have lard on toast on the menu at the new Barnyard in Charlotte Street. Maybe it tastes ok? Maybe it’s the greatest thing you [...]
Princi Boston Cake is highly recommended. Treat yourself
Super Kebab & Best Kebab on old st. Is there any difference? Do they hate each other? Or secretly are the same company?
Bit early for a lamington but nice idea
Lovely morning, cycled across City, didn't get run over & saved tube fare. Quadruple win. Deserves an expensive coffee
Picnic time. Been quite a lot of this recently. Fantastic panko breaded chicken
Sirloin, ribs and beets at blueprint cafe. Very nice
Try somewhere new or go to the park?
and what a perfect morning in the city
Interview with David shrigley about new Sketch rest interior in Cityam mag. Looks great, makes change from usual suspects
Donut football humour
Was thinking of some Secret Salad but so is everyone else
Super Kebab & Best Kebab on old st. Is there any difference? Do they hate each other? Or secretly are the same company?
Filament bulbs on end of copper pipes. Nice design touch at new pasta place in cannon st. Latte not bad
The end is nigh sky and heat in the city at the moment, it's going to rain a lot
Sausage and beans at the Eagle. Very good
Bistro Bruno has a sandwich kebab stall. A fine idea
Horrendous design of One Tower Bridge. Ruined tower bridge rd. @berkeleygroupuk @mayoroflondon
New Casting bar about to open on Cornhill and Silk & Grain up the road
Kintan could be interesting in high Holborn. Japanese Yakiniku restaurant obviously
It's not quite Shakespeare in the ES City Social review tonight