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Paesan is the one a bit like Polpo on Exmouth Market where they do Italian peasant food, hence the name, and while everything looks lovely and […]
Cakes, tarts, pastries, sticky desserts, they’re all bad for you. Don’t eat them. Don’t buy insanely expensive chocolate brownies. Go to Tesco instead and have a […]
The key points about the new Patty & Bun on Liverpool Street are: They haven’t scrimped on staff. Ten cooks on lunchtime service meant no waiting […]
Lyle’s stays open as a cafe between lunch and dinner but no one in Shoreditch seemed aware of this fact. They serve a quality latte which […]
Ampersands are great for restaurant names. If it represents a partnership then it’s two against the world instead of Billy No Mates, or if describing a […]
So they have lard on toast on the menu at the new Barnyard in Charlotte Street. Maybe it tastes ok? Maybe it’s the greatest thing you […]