Pieminster (Leather Lane)

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91 Leather Lane, Clerkenwell, London, EC1N.   Tel: 020 7430 2298

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Pieminster shops sell a wide variety of pies and sausage rolls made from British sourced ingredients.
  • Oli C

    excellent food, but the staff and service are possibly the worst i have encountered. i work very close by and used to eat here a lot when it first opened. within a couple of months the service became slower and then on three consecutive occasions I left before ordering, because despite being told our orders would be taken at our table when I approached the counter, no one ever came. After asking again, I was assured someone would be with us momentarily. It wasn’t even busy (a third full at most), but we gave them another 15 before having to walk out due to the inability to be order, be served and eat lunch within a lunch hour.

    I had to return with colleagues for a work lunch about two months ago, as it was their choice; once again the service was slow and I, as well as another colleague had ordered a side of wedges. I am not a whinge bag, but when something is not as it should be, I am more than happy to complain; when the wedges came, not only where hers in a larger bowl, and mine seemingly in a ramekin, but my portion was literally a third of the size of the other. I spoke politely to the waiter who had the cheek to say that it was perspective and that they were the same size. This was absurd and he was ridiculously nonchalant about the whole thing, reluctantly returning to kitchen where the chef cooked up some more to satisfy the order; making it obvious that they had just run out and didn’t even have the sense to make two slightly smaller portions in favour of one generous and one minute.

    Needless to say, i will not be returning and aside from the food actually being rather good (particularly the onion and goats cheese tarts), and I’m afraid due to the service, this is not a place I wish to support or recommend.