Vapiano (Great Portland St)

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19 - 21 Great Portland Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W.   Tel: 020 7268 0080

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Vapiano is an international chain of contemporary hi-tech Italian cafes where diners use a swipe card to keep track of their purchases as they order food around the store and pay on leaving. Food is made to order in open kitchens and a wide variety of pizza, pasta, salads, desserts, wines, beers and coffees are available.
  • Francesca

    Love it! Vapiano is a fantastic experience and on top of that the food is great. We enjoyed our deserts by an open fire place with drinks after our pizza’s (which we’re great). Highly reccommend Vapiano, we will definitely be going back. The self-service cards make it a great place for friends as there is no hassle splitting the bill!

  • Alice

    The cards were a bit confusing at first but came in handy when I needed to leave early…once you get past that, the food is quick and tasty and good place to go with the girls in the office