The Flying Burrito (Spitalfields)

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62 Middlesex Street, Spitalfields, London, E1.   Tel: 0207 650 8858

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Flying Burrito serve a range of fresh Mexican-inspired food which includes burritos, salads and quesadilla for eat in and take away.
  • Neil Mc

    Tucked away between the city & east london, this whole area seems to be getting a bit of regeneration from some new office developments around Houndsditch. Flying Burrito is less than 5 mins from the Fenchurch Street area so is very convenient for those working in the city.

    Good atmosphere, friendly staff & in my opinion much tastier than a certain other nearby Burrito cafe. Beef burritos are slow cooked which makes a nice change. Burritos can also be optionally modified to grilled Quesadillas also.

    Your also not spending 10mins of your lunch break queuing to get food (yet – this place is slowly getting busier!) and when you do get it, the place is relaxed and well decorated that you can enjoy your food in comfort. Very glad this place has opened as this area of the city was lacking a burrito option and I think Flying Burrito are one of the best around right now.

  • Wil

    The whole experience was superb:
    – lovely tortilla
    – perfectly!! cooked rice
    – deliciously stewed beef that melted in the mouth
    – pineapple salsa is genius, was unexpected taste but truly, truly delicious
    – lovely fresh, crisp lettuce
    – guacamole was nice but didn’t taste it much, perhaps overpowered by everything else/ didn’t have very much in the burrito?
    The seating was comfortable and in the sun so kudos for that, lovely big window. Is there other seating or just the three benches?
    20 out of 10

  • Loyal Burrito Lover

    I think this was the best burrito I’ve had in London this year. Much better that those Poncho No. 8 guys around the corner in Spitalfields. No comparison!