Moo Grill

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4 Cobb Street, London, E1.   Tel: 020 7377 9276

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A cosy coffee and wine bar with exposed brick walls and dark wood furniture. The menu features traditional Argentinean Lomito sandwiches and Empanadas pastries together with toasted sandwiches and pancakes for breakfast.
  • Neil Mc

    Thought I’d try the Moo Grill after seeing it on the front page of this site.

    The Simple Beef Lomito was more than big enough, chips were homemade & tasty. I’d have preferred a little more flavour to the sandwich itself, looking on the internet traditional Lomitos seem to be marinaded more? Still though, the beef was good quality and cooked well. Atmosphere in the bar itself was nice and hospitable, with very attentive service. I would probably go back again.