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104 George Street, Marylebone, London, W1U

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A modern Greek-themed cafe and delicatessen that serves a selection of quality sandwiches, salads, juices and traditional Greek desserts for eat in and takeaway.
  • Gatopardo

    Excellent lunch/coffe place. Sort of a “Greek Pain Quotidien” with more variety and homemade greek food. Definitely try Margarita’s Stiffed Tomatoes and excellent Greek Salad. Highly recommended

  • Andy Harding

    OK food but rude manager and ridiculously overpriced salad take away. Would not recommend even if you have more money than sense.

  • Ioanna Economopoulos

    I have such a great appreciation for this place because of the authentic Greek dishes and specialty items for sale, straight from Greece! It’s the only place I can get the right lentils for my mother’s famous Greek lentil soup recipe (Fakes).  Great baklava, too. The food is just like my yiayia would make it for lunch on a summer afternoon in the village!  Nothing fussy, just simple stuff. I’m a fan. 

  • akiskalf

    An excellent place without a doubt. A marble counter with fresh home made dishes and fresh salads all made with Greek wild ingredients and extra virgin olive oil.
    The charming Greek owner Margarita Tzola and her team complement the quality of food and the warm atmosphere.
    I am a big fun and can’t wait to go back

  • Magda Sumiko

    I recently discovered this place and i was really impressed as a Greek!Menu of good home-style Greek food left me and my friends wanting more…The clean and aesthetically atmosphere and the gorgeous marble buffet was an inviting oasis just a block away from Oxford street.The owner’s,Margarita Tzola,inviting smile and hospitality was welcoming and fresh as her food!I’m still enjoying the bottle of Greek olive oil and honey i purchased at the shop…Hope to visit again soon!!!!!!!