Kerbisher & Malt

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164 Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith, London, W6.   Tel: 020 3556 0228

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A modern British fish and chip shop that serves classic battered and grilled fish dishes. The menu is the same for eat-in and takeaway.
  • Anna Brett

    Kerbisher and Malt in Shepherds Bush Road – highly recommended on web and by acquaintances. 
    Went there yesterday and it was most disappointing.  The place is cold for a start so you might as well be eating it out in the street!  The tea was not good – I don’t think the water was boiling.  The fish was fresh but the batter was very greasy – big pool of grease on the plate.  The chips were awful! They tasted stale as if they had been precooked hours or even the day before and although they were brown, some of them were hard so I guess the gas was too high.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.Give me George’s in Portobello Road anytime.