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Sedir 4 Theberton Street

Euphorium Bakery 202 Upper Street

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Slug and Lettuce 1 Islington Green

Gallipoli Bazaar 107 Upper Street

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Strada 105-106 Upper Street

Carluccio’s 305-307 Upper Street

Fine Burger Co 330 Upper Street

Browns on the Green 9 Islington Green

Giraffe 29-31 Essex Road

Metrogusto 13 Theberton Street

The Bull 100 Upper Street

Le Sacre Coeur 18 Theberton Street

Gallipoli Again 120 Upper Street

Sangria 88 Upper Street

Parveen 6 Theberton Street

Mem & Laz 8 Theberton Street

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102 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1.   Tel: 020 7359 0630

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