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1 Lower John Street, Soho, London, W1F

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Lingo is a small Japanese restaurant and takeaway that offers an extensive menu of sushi and hot Japanese dishes.
  • Marco Bogliolo

    Today I went to Lingo with my wife and we seated thinking that the service would be fast as there were only 3 tables occupied and 2 were already been served. We ordered a king prawn bento box and a sashimi bento box. Almost immediately we were greeted with two dishes of salads and then we had to wait almost 30 minutes before our boxes were served to us. With our great surprise the two boxes differed only because in one there were 2 tempura king prawns and in the other 3 of them. The rice was sticky and flavourless, the miso soup was watery and tasteless as well the sauce that went with the tempura. The maki rolls were badly made and the nori was dry. The sashimi consisted of 3 pices of salmon and 4 or 5 thin slices of an unidentifiable with fish very badly cut. Yes the bill was 29.50 including service and a bottle of asahi beer, but everything was so dull and bland that my advice is to stay away from it!