Queue watch: Paesan’s stall
Paesan is the one a bit like Polpo on Exmouth Market where they do Italian peasant food, hence the name, and while everything looks lovely and worthy the problem was that it didn't really cater for the peasant media workers of Clerkenwell, who just want a big box of hot pasta for £5 before a long afternoon on Facebook. → Read more

Desserts of the week
desserts-lrgCakes, tarts, pastries, sticky desserts, they're all bad for you. Don't eat them. Don't buy insanely expensive chocolate brownies. Go to Tesco instead and have a nice banana for 18p. But some are too good to resist and if you just ate a salad and will be in the gym tonight then your body would probably welcome a little saturated fat. → Read more

Opening: Patty & Bun Liverpool St
The key points about the new Patty & Bun on Liverpool Street are: They haven't scrimped on staff. Ten cooks on lunchtime service meant no waiting half an hour in line for a burger, although hanging around outside for orders might not be fun in winter. → Read more

Opening: Lyle’s
lyles-ltgLyle’s stays open as a cafe between lunch and dinner but no one in Shoreditch seemed aware of this fact. They serve a quality latte which can be ordered as takeaway from the bar but why advertise a useful service? The modest sign above the door went up weeks after they opened and there’s nothing as vulgar or helpful as a menu in the window. It’s a miracle any reviews have been written and those not in the know, including Jack Wilshire opposite, would assume the space was a posh canteen for one of the trendy media companies overhead in the Tea Building. → Read more

Opening: Beef & Pudding
Ampersands are great for restaurant names. If it represents a partnership then it's two against the world instead of Billy No Mates, or if describing a concept's ingredients then you can fit the menu in a logo. But just as you're thinking that it might be time for a different conjunction, the brilliant name of Beef & Pudding appears in neon light in a Manchester City Centre side street. → Read more

Opening: Barnyard
barnyard-lrgSo they have lard on toast on the menu at the new Barnyard in Charlotte Street. Maybe it tastes ok? Maybe it's the greatest thing you can ever eat? Maybe Ollie Dabbous himself comes out of the kitchen in his best chef's whites with a plate of toast in one hand and a tub of lard in the other, places both on the table before dramatically whipping out a knife to spread a generous helping of lard across your toast while explaining that he eats lard daily, personally got up early to forage the day's supply, and this is just a simple and delicious £3 starter intended to challenge the narrow minded preconceptions of some people, 'present company excepted' he said with a smile. Or maybe when hell freezes over. → Read more