Opening: Ozone Cafe
Anyone looking at Ozone near Silicon Roundabout would think "this is where you go for coffee". Coffee Roasters in the name, coffee menu by the right door, a big arrow with "Coffee" by the left door and once inside a huge coffee roaster is looking up from the basement. The theme continues on the website where only a single page describes the rather impressive cafe which fills half the ground floor of a big old warehouse off City Road.

Restaurant would be just as appropriate a description. There's proper table service, a long open kitchen where smartly uniformed chefs prepare a typical Kiwi style brunch/lunch menu and a row of six seater and plug-equipped booths with four foot high brick dividers for some privacy during those billion dollar dotcom negotiations over a latte. Lots more seating is available at the kitchen counter and in the basement.

The refurbishment is brilliantly done. Were the brick booth dividers already there? Had the overhead winches been left behind and became a convenient place used to hang lights? You can't quite tell. It's all very spacious and still manages to be cosy.

From the eggs section of the menu came the Ozone omelette, which is a thin omelette wrapped around red pepper, spinach, chilli and fried shallots for £6.90 with cured salmon or smoked ham for £2 extra. As the waiter said, "very fresh" and very filling and excellent value.

Ozone Coffee, 11 Leonard Street, EC2