Opening: Café Le Cordon Bleu
A sunny lunch is a good time to watch future Ramsay and Hartnetts take a break in the courtyard outside the new Café Le Cordon Bleu before they troop back in for an afternoon learning the intricacies of tempered chocolate in the state of the art five storey cookery school overhead.

The cafe is not the easiest place to find. The public entrance is well hidden in a courtyard off Bloomsbury Square and while the neighbouring Truckles wine bar has signs out on the surrounding streets, the cafe doesn't advertise itself and so feels more like a college canteen where you may overhear a college Master Chef reviewing a student's work, and they are very demanding.

The menu is not as exciting as hoped for. Mostly sandwiches, a soup, cakes, pastries and the sandwiches are expensive. £7.10 for a nice but not well filled coronation chicken baguette with salad (below) was a bit steep but the roast beef baguette was better value. The daily soup with an unusual slice of bread for £4 allowed much more imagination and is the wiser choice.

Everything is apparently made by the Master Chefs but maybe they could be more like Masterchef and pick on some young chefs to make a signature dish for customers to try and then eliminate one each week.

Café Le Cordon Bleu, 15 Bloomsbury Square, WC1A