Queue watch: Madame Gautier
The rain helpfully stopped in time for lunch yesterday at the annoyingly just once a month Broadgate Farmers Market. As usual, the Parson's Nose stall had the biggest queue for their sausages and burgers but running a close second was the rather more refined Madame Gautier, who are a newly opened French Traiteur in Barnes, cookery school in NW10 and market stallers in Victoria and a few other weekly farmers markets.

Despite the continuous threat of the roof being blown away, they valiantly managed to serve up a short but exciting menu of regional French cooking that included Poulet Chicken, Confit Beef and a veg option, which forgot to make a note of.

The 12 hour slow roasted beef sits in a jus of red wine, dijon, tomatos, onions, garlic & herbs and comes with a choice of mash or rice for just £6. Portions are substantial and could have traded a spoonful or two of meat for an extra ingredient like carrots which would provide some contrast with the soft rice and beef. But very good and hopefully next time they can bring the Pot roasted chicken à l'ancienne.
Their market schedule is listed here.