More Burger Lobsters
Burger & Lobster have noticed the constant queue out of their door in Mayfair and will be opening two new restaurants just as soon as they complete the purchase of Bistro du Vin who have two sites in Soho's Dean Street and St John Street in Farringdon.

Owners MWB were apparently disappointed with the performance of Bistro du Vin in its first 18 months but they should be more disappointed with whoever picked the inappropriate locations. Middle of the City might have been an idea and quite a fancy name for a chain.

The first job for Burger & Lobster should be to get rid of the don't come in glass frontage on St John Street which has now claimed two bistro victims (Eastside Inn before) and it will be interesting to see if the flat price £20 burger and lobster works outside Mayfair. That's big money in Farringdon but it is large so cutting the burger in half would feed two people.