Opening: The Tramshed
Along with all the reviews of chicken and/or steak at Mark Hix's new Tramshed in Shoreditch there should be one that focuses on the strawberries because it's such a rare and pleasant thing to find on a restaurant dessert menu. God knows why. All the three michelin starred soufflés, tortes, tarts, cakes, compotes, pastries and puddings have NOTHING on a plate of really fresh strawberries with a pot of cream, apart from maybe the apple pie and custard, which was tempting. Both £5.75.

The interior also deserves lots of attention. A fantastic use of a hundred year old electricity generating station that's now like a hip industrial version of La Chapelle with a big welcoming entrance, huge curved booths down the side and a private dining space overhead. It could get plenty of use as a coffee shop in between meal times and there must be loads of old workshops and garages just begging for the same treatment.

Still 50% off the on-trend short menu until the full opening on Wednesday and once fashions change they should stretch it to include a chicken & mushroom pie and a chicken club sandwich, both with chips.

HIX at The Tramshed, 14 Garden Walk, EC2A