Cult of sandwich: Sub Cult
Despite the standard issue green paint job, most would assume Polpetto to be the cool new place on Berwick Street but they've got nothing on Sub Cult, who've pitched just outside and look like what might happen if a mod influenced indie band were dropped by their label after a difficult second album and the singer and drummer (old mates from school) said to hell with the music industry, street food is where it's at, let's open a sandwich stall. → Read more

Queue watch: Spinach & Agushi
spinach-agushi-queueThe best smell and often the biggest queue on Exmouth Market can be found at the Ghanaian inspired street food stall of Spinach & Agushi where half a dozen big steel pans are filled with a variety of tempting hot stews, one of which is coincidentally called spinach & agushi. → Read more

Opening: Barburrito Holborn
Everyone knows about Manchester’s proud history in music, culture, industry and football but few will be aware that one of the most significant events in UK food history occurred in Manchester in December 2005. → Read more

Queue watch: The Quality Chop Shop
Just four stood in a queue for the Friday sandwich at The Quality Chop's new butchers shop but these were four discerning people who had spotted the sign in the window and a smartly attired sandwich chef, considered the trendy meat focussed restaurant of the same name next door, watched the butchers diligently hacking away with cleavers and wisely concluded that this was bound to be good. → Read more

Opening: Holborn Dining Room
Seats are important in a grand brasserie. Do you take the leather banquette with tweed detailing side of the table where one can stretch out after a fine meal, admire the art deco ceiling, hold the stomach and sigh 'blimey that was good, and not too expensive' or look enviously from the elegant but wooden brasserie chair opposite while thinking about restaurant markups? → Read more

Opening: On The Bab
Ten people waiting impatiently outside for a table, the man sat at the wall counter attacking a hot pan of food and the reassuring weight of the takeaway bag all indicated a successful meal was about to be had from On The Bab in Shoreditch. → Read more